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Behind the Scenes: The Bride’s Awakening

I am a tall woman, hovering a quarter inch below six feet. [I’m actually looking forward to shrinking a little bit as I get older!] Most of my heroines have been average height or even petite, which is definitely a fantasy for me, but in The Bride’s Awakening I finally have a heroine who looks a little bit like me!

Anamaria Viale is five feet eleven and full figured. She’s already accepted that she’s not the kind of woman most men want, and so she’s devoted herself to her family’s winemaking business. Then Vittorio Ralfino, the Count of Cazlevara, returns home and decides Anamaria will make the perfect bride! She’s plain enough to be grateful for his attention, has good business sense, and her vineyard neighbors his. What could be better?

Well, obviously Vittorio has a lot to learn--and so does Anamaria, as Vittorio, to his own surprise, helps her discover her inner and outer beauty! I really enjoyed writing this story of discovery, and also researching the lush world of Italian vineyards--this necessitated trying different wines while writing!


Vineyards have a crucial (and sensual!) role in the story!


Vittorio takes Anamaria to Venice for the evening--and all his plans go awry!


January 2008