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Behind the Scenes: Bound to the Greek

I love setting stories in New York City, since I can walk around and find the places where I hold key scenes. I also love the buzz and glamour of the city--it’s the perfect Presents setting! Eleanor Langley is a real city girl--hard as nails, driven, and determined to succeed. But she wasn’t always that way. A youthful love affair with Jace Zervas changed her forever after he left her alone and pregnant.

Writing Eleanor and Jace’s story was really poignant for me, because Eleanor lost Jace’s baby midway through the pregnancy, and I miscarried several years ago when I was 4 months pregnant. Writing from experience is both painful and healing, and I really poured a lot of my own experience into Eleanor’s grief. And of course, since this is Presents, there are happy endings for all, including me... my 4th child, Anna, was born 18 months after my miscarriage, and is now a busy and wonderful two year old!


Jace and Eleanor have a crucial moment by this fountain,
which also happens to be where my husband proposed to me!


Eleanor has a run-in with a goat on Jace’s Greek island,
which is also based on personal experience...


Jace whisks Eleanor away to his gorgeous Greek island
--one of my favorite Presents destinations!

January 2008