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Behind the Scenes: The Undoing of De Luca

After my first daughter was born, my husband and I spent a few weeks in Sussex. It was late autumn, and I can remember waking up to the ground covered in frost, and the mist winding its way around the trees. We visited an old manor house that was open to the public but clearly in a state of disrepair, and it was these memories (rather than the sleep deprivation of that time!) that inspired Maddock Manor in The Undoing of De Luca. I often start with a place in my books, because they feel like secondary characters to me. Once Maddock Manor came into focus, I had no trouble imagining Ellery Dunant, the woman who was desperate to keep her family home, and Larenz de Luca, the man who was willing to exploit it--and seduce its owner! Of course neither of them expect to fall in love...


I imagined Ellery’s house like this, although a little less grand!


Her father’s car holds poignant memories for Ellery
--and a tense moment between her and Larenz


Larenz’s childhood neighborhood

January 2008