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Behind the Scenes: Far Horizons

Far Horizons is inspired by my ancestors and the letters they wrote to one another while separated by an ocean. Allan MacDougall and Harriet Campbell are my great-great-great uncle and aunt, and my mother has told me stories about them, how Allan proposed and Harriet had to wait, since I was very little. About twelve years ago I asked my uncle for the typewritten copies of the letters they wrote, which had been typed up in the early 1900s and kept by him for ages--the originals are in a museum in Charlottetown, on Prince Edward Island. The heartfelt and even desperate language of Allan’s letters to Harriet tore at my heart:

How can I express the consternation of my heart, or account for the long and cruel silence on your part? This is the fifteenth letter I have written you since, but I am afraid they never got your length, or you would not be so long in writing me. I know you too well to imagine you capable of any change or caprice towards me, and I hope you know me too well to expect any change on my side...

I started to wonder why Harriet had not written him back for so long, and Far Horizons is my imaginative answer to that question!


January 2008