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Behind the Scenes: The Husband She Never Knew

When I first started writing The Darkest of Secrets, the character of Ammar, the hero Khalis’s brother, was meant to be a straightforward secondary character—and a villain! Yet I’ve never liked writing villains as Pure Evil, because it seems like lazy writing, and so I started thinking about Ammar and what made him who he was—why he’d worked for his corrupt father (who isn’t an actual character in either of the books and therefore is allowed to be Pure Evil) and how it had affected him.

Writing Ammar’s story was not easy, because he has done bad things, really bad things. and both he and Noelle have to come to terms with his past. But one of my favourite parts of writing romance is how love redeems and heals us, and that’s what it did for Ammar!


January 2008