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Behind the Scenes: The Lone Wolfe

I love being part of continuities, and The Bad Blood/Notorious Wolfes continuity has probably been my favourite. The back story of the Wolfe family was wonderfully thought out by the editorial team, and my hero, Jacob, had a tortured past that is just the kind of thing I like to write. Sometimes when you are dealing with very dark themes it is hard to keep the book from feeling depressing, and I really try to find moments of levity and lightness even amidst all the struggle! Mollie was a perfect foil for Jacob, in my mind, because she was feisty and determined. Jacob needed someone to match him, and I think she did.


I based the gardens of Wolfe Manor on the gardens of Crathes Castle in Scotland,
where I had a magical day wandering about when I was twelve!


How I imagined the gardener’s cottage where Mollie lives,
based on my imagination and reading the book Mandy by Julie Andrews
--again when I was around twelve! Clearly this book inspired a Secret Gardenish feeling in me!

January 2008