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Behind the Scenes: The Matchmaker Bride/Mr. and Mischief

When my editor asked if I’d like to retell a classic love story, I jumped at the chance. I love trying new things, and this seemed like a really interesting project. Full disclosure though: I wanted to retell Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, but due to copyright issues I couldn’t. Emma was my next choice, but I definitely found it more challenging. I think Rebecca lends itself to the Presents tone and plot lines more than Emma does, but I did enjoy putting Emma Wodehouse into a modern setting as Emily Wood. One of the challenges I had was fleshing out the character of George Knightley/Jason Kingsley, because, since Emma is about so much more than just the romance between Emma and Mr Knightley, he didn’t actually have that much going on in terms of emotional conflict. Not enough for a Presents, anyway! So I had to up the ante for Mr Knightley and attempt to make Emma a bit more modern and likable! Easy peasy, right?


The Thames flood barrier, which features in the end of the story!


How I imagine Jason Kingsley’s house, Weldon Manor
(can you figure out how I changed the name from the original?)

January 2008