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Behind the Scenes: The Sandoval Baby

This book really started with the opening scene, when the heroine Abby Summers plays a piano concert and the hero, Luc Toussaint, is entranced by both the performer and the performance. I love the idea of two people having an instant connection, and then wondering and discovering if it is real. As I wrote Abby and Luc’s story, a whole other dimension came into play: the villa where Luc grew up. I have a thing about houses and how important they can be to people. Maybe it’s because I lived in the same wonderful house for the first 18 years of my life, and am still sad that it’s been sold. Maybe it’s because houses have so much character themselves, how can they not be a character in a story? Every time I see an interesting house, I wonder who lives there, and who used to live there, and what stories and secrets the house might hold. In any case, Luc’s villa plays an important part in bringing Abby and Luc together--forever.


The Alhambra, a gorgeous Moorish palace where Rafe takes Freya for a pivotal scene


This is how I imagine Rafe’s apartment in Madrid

January 2008