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  Intense, International RomanceKate Hewitt Romance Author  

Behind the Scenes: Zoe & The Tormented Tycoon (Zoe’s Lesson in the UK)

This book is part of The Balfour Brides continuity, and so I was given the basic premise and characters. Truth be told, I originally had a bit of a hard time with these characters--Zoe was a party girl and Max was a tortured soul. I couldn’t quite see how they could fall in love with each other, until I delved deeper into their pasts and gave them good reasons why they were the way they were! This story is set in New York City, which I love. Dancing also plays an important part in the story--and learning new steps is a key theme!


Max takes Zoe to the Hamptons--the perfect getaway!


The Balfour penthouse is on Park Avenue


Zoe and Max dance together on the beach

January 2008