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The Greek's Stolen Bride

The Greek's Stolen Bride

Book One in the Legends of Love Series

A remote island... a stolen bride... the perfect revenge!

Theo Atrikes wants only one thing: vengeance on Miles Leotokos, the man who destroyed his father. When Leotokos's daughter asks him to help her escape her island prison, it seems the perfect revenge to take her as his bride... Leotokos robbed him of his father, so he will take the man's daughter.

Ariana Leotokos might have lived her life in seclusion, but her spirit, beauty and determination are more than a match for Theo. He is determined to make this marriage only about vengeance, but Ariana calls out more emotions from Theo than the revenge that has burned in him for so long... Dare he risk his heart and admit the truth of his feelings to his captive bride?

Inspired by the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, The Greek's Stolen Bride is written by USAToday bestselling author Kate Hewitt, and is the first in the Legends of Love series of romances inspired by Greek myths.





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January 2008