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The Littleton Series


Redemption Falls

Redemption Falls

The Littleton Series, Book 1

Welcome to Littleton, Vermont... a college town with a whole lot of memories for two people who have finally found the courage to return...

It's been twelve years since Linnea Schmidt left Littleton, Vermont--and her daughter Ambler behind. Now she's back to make amends, and the last thing she needs is preppy, new college president Rob Sanders on her case, asking her up to the college on the hill.

Rob Sanders is trying to escape his own mistakes when he returns to Littleton, Vermont, and he isn't prepared for the unexpected attraction he feels for tough girl Linnea. But as an unlikely friendship develops between the college president and the woman hiding behind her don't-mess-with-me persona, will Rob and Linnea be able to help--and heal--each other?

Written by a USAToday bestselling and RITA-nominated author of over forty romances and works of women's fiction, Redemption Falls is the first in a new series of contemporary romances set in Vermont and promising an intensely emotional story. Look for Twilight Lake, the second in the series, in the autumn of 2015.

The first in a new series of romances by bestselling author Kate Hewitt, set in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont.





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January 2008