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July 2014

I’m starting a Facebook group called Kate’s Reads for anyone interested in receiving review copies of my book, learning more about new releases, and getting some insider info and swag, as well as being part of a community that loves to read and share books. There’s no obligation to be involved in any kind of promotion, and you won’t receive any unwanted emails or requests; everything will be through the Facebook page. If you’d like to be a part of it, email me at and I will add you to Kate’s Reads!

April 2013

An exciting addition came into my life on the first of this month, and it wasn’t a book! Charlotte Grace was born on April 1, nine days early, and a delight to everyone. She’s been a lovely, easy baby so far, and I am savouring this stage since I know she is my last.

My next release for Harlequin isn’t until July, but I do have a women’s fiction coming out with Harlequin’s digital-first imprint, CarinaUK, in May! I am so excited about this book; I absolutely loved writing it, and the challenge of pushing myself as a writer into a new genre. The title is still to be decided, but as soon as I have details I will have them on my website.

In the meantime, happy reading!

March 2013

Spring is almost in the air; the daffodils are in bud and the snowdrops are in bloom. And in the little less than a month remaining before my due date (baby, not book!) I’ve been trying to get a lot of writing done.

I’ve been hard at work on a new duet for Harlequin Presents about royal brothers, and I’ve also been working on some other women’s fiction projects that I am very excited to tell you about soon—but not quite yet!

I’ve also been blogging on various sites from Harlequin Junkie to IheartPresents and The Pink Heart Society and giving away lots of books!

The first two books of my Bryant Brothers trilogy are both out: Beneath The Veil of Paradise and In The Heat of The Spotlight. These books are very special to me and I hope you enjoy them! You can also read a prequel online serial for free on Harlequin’s website.

Far Horizons, my historical saga/romance, is free on all ebook sites, and I’ve finished the third in the trilogy, A Distant Shore. It will be available in Autumn 2013. I have also have some women’s fiction coming out soon through ebook outlets, Turn Back The Years and The Other Side of The Bridge. Both of these were published as magazine serials and have been expanded and revised to novel form.

And I think that’s about it! Stay tuned for both baby and book news next month…

Happy reading,

May 2012

It’s cold and wet here this May, sadly, although the sun is shining weakly today. I’ve had a busy few months continuing with a trilogy for Harlequin Presents about three American brothers. The first book, Beneath The Veil of Paradise, is probably my favourite Presents so far, and will be out in November in the UK. I’m just finishing the second one now and my working title is Out of The Spotlight, Into The Shadows. I’ll let you know what the real title ends up being!

I have a new book out in the UK this month, The Darkest of Secrets, and it is part of a duet that will be out in North American in October. The second book, The Husband She Never Knew, will be out in both the UK and North American in November.

I’ve also self-published several of my historical sagas that were first featured in The People’s Friend on Kindle. Far Horizons is the first book in The Emigrants Trilogy, which is loosely based on my ancestors’ emigration to Canada from the Scottish Highlands in the early nineteenth century. Down Jasper Lane is the first book in The Amherst Island Trilogy, which is coming-of-age story of a young girl in Canada in 1904. I’m also in the process of arranging some of the short stories I’ve written for women’s magazines over the years into theme-based anthologies. The first one is called Love and Laughter and is a collection of ten humorous stories about falling in love. I plan to have other anthologies out on pregnancy, motherhood, and baby bumps, and another one of historical romances. I’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, as always,

Happy reading,

April 2012

It’s been a busy few months for me, keeping up with my deadlines as well as adjusting to our new life here in England. I’m happy to say I seem to be managing it OK so far, and I have my release dates for the rest of 2012, which are:

Santina’s Scandalous Princess/The Scandalous Princess, part of the Santina Crown Continuity, July 2012 in the United States and the United Kingdom

The Power of Redemption Duet:

The Darkest of Secrets, May 2012 in the United Kingdom and October 2012 in the United States

The Husband She Never Knew, September 2012 in the United Kingdom and November 2012 in the United States

I will also have a November 2012 release in the UK which is not yet titled, but I am particularly excited about this book as it is a little different than my other books, although I think it’s recognizably mine. My three year old daughter was watching a lot of Tangled while I was writing, and so I took a little bit of inspiration from the incorrigible and utterly charming Flynn Rider…

Happy reading,

October 2011

Greetings from the wet and windy coast of Cumbria! If you’ve been following my blog, you’re most certainly aware that my family and I experienced a great upheaval (and adventure) when we moved from our apartment in Manhattan to a draughty old vicarage on England’s northwest coast. We went from a city of eight million or more to a village of a thousand and a half. Or, to put it into more practical terms, from four Starbucks in a five block radius to one fifty miles away. We’ve had a lot of adjustments, a good amount of both ups and downs, but overall I do feel this is a good move for us. Right now my children are playing outside (in the church graveyard!) which was unheard of in our New York City days, unless I was out there with them and we walked five blocks to the local concrete playground. Of course, I do miss the frantic pace and buzz of the city sometimes--living there you really felt like you were right at the pulse of the world. Exhausting, but also exciting. I tried to impress upon my children how amazing it was that we could walk to the Metropolitan Museum of Art from our apartment, but they tended to just roll their eyes. In fact, I got the response ‘do we have to go to the Met AGAIN?’ on more than one occasion. Now I’m getting that about walking on the fells. ‘Not another walk! WHY? You don’t actually walk anywhere. You just go in a circle.’ We’re trying to detox them from city life. It’s going to be a long process.

So writing-wise I was on a tiny bit of a hiatus this summer as moving took up all the space in my brain. I did manage to revise and expand my historical novel, Down Jasper Lane, which is available on Smashwords and through Barnes & Noble and Kobo, and hopefully will be on Amazon soon. I also just handed in revisions on my 20th Presents, one of the darker and yet more hopeful stories I’ve written. I’m writing a linked book next, but I don’t want to give away who the hero is...

I’m not blogging anywhere anytime soon, but look for Kholodov’s Last Mistress out in the UK in November, and on sale from Mills & Boon’s website October 1. The Lone Wolfe, the last book in the Notorious Wolfes series, will be out in February 2012.

Happy reading,

December 2010

I have not been very good about updating my website, and I won’t start making promises I can’t keep about being better although I’ll try. Writing the actual books has been my priority! However, I’m glad to take this chance to update you with what has been going on in my writing world.

Outside it is still surprisingly warm, but the shops are already decorated for Christmas. I walk by Bergdorf Goodman’s amazing window displays when I pick my kids up from school, and we all marvel at the creative ways they present the clothes. Two years ago they dressed up bears and foxes (who admittedly were standing like people), and last year they used old-fashioned typewriters and a flurry of paper. Now they have everything in silver, with silver confetti all over the floor. In a couple of weeks the big tree will have its lights turned on at Rockefeller Center.

And in my writing world, I’ve just turned in my 17th book, which feels like quite an achievement. My contribution to the Balfour Brides series, Zoe and The Tormented Tycoon, is out in the US this month, and is shipping now from Amazon and Eharlequin. Zoe and The Tormented Tycoon was a Top Pick in Romantic Times Book Reviews Magazine, and is also a Reviewer’s Choice nominee for Best Presents of 2010, an honor which thrills me.

Meanwhile I have a couple of other releases coming up: Bound To The Greek is available in the UK in January 2011, and The Undoing of De Luca is out in the US in March 2011, as is One Night in Milan, a collection of stories with Michelle Reid and India Grey, in the UK. I’m not even sure which of my past releases is in that collection, so I’ll keep you posted!

You can find me on the internet this month at the first week of December, talking about ‘bad girl’ heroines, and at sharing the challenges and joys of writing for a continuity. And of course I’m always on Twitter and Facebook--check out my Kate Hewitt page and become a fan!

Lastly, I’ve posted another story on my writing stuff page --Christmas themed, of course!

I hope this season finds you well and with lots of books on your TBR pile!

Happy reading,

April 2010

What a long, snowy winter it has been! I think New York City has had more snow this winter than ever recorded here before--over 3 feet. We’ve enjoyed it for the most part, sledding and having snowball fights in Central Park, but by this time of year the end of season slush and mud can be a little discouraging.

Fortunately, I have a release in April, set in the gorgeous Lakes of Italy. ITALIAN BOSS, HOUSEKEEPER MISTRESS is part of the duo HER MEDITERRANEAN PLAYBOY with fellow Presents author Melanie Milburne. So pick it up if you want a little dose of sunny Italy--and heat of another kind! I enjoyed writing this novella, which was released in the UK as A SUMMER IN ITALY in June 2009. You can find excerpt and recipes on my booklist page.

My next US release will be in August: COUNT TOUSSAINT’S BABY, which was published in the UK in January 2010 as COUNT TOUSSAINT’S PREGNANT MISTRESS. I’ve added excerpts and behind-the-scenes info on my booklist page as well.

Meanwhile I have just completed my 14th manuscript, which is titled A Captive Heart but will undoubtedly be retitled by my lovely editor. And I have UK release dates for my last two books: BRIDE’S AWAKENING will be a July 2010 release and THE UNDOING OF DE LUCA will be in September 2010. I’ll keep you posted for 2011 US release dates!

Now as I start my next manuscript, which is part of another wonderful continuity, I am hopefully looking for signs of spring amidst all the slush. I love spring: crocuses, daffodils, cherry blossoms, that wonderful feeling of just stepping outside without a coat or even a sweater. Here’s hoping it arrives in the Big Apple pretty soon!

Happy reading,

October 2009

Greetings once again! The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, and I just sent my 12th book in to my editor, which I am very happy about—it is always a sweet relief to push that send button on the computer, even if it is accompanied by a certain amount of trepidation!

October sees the release of my Royal House of Karedes book, The Sheikh’s Forbidden Virgin, which has been the #1 Waldenbooks and Eharlequin bestseller! I am blogging about the book on iheartpresents and also about whether we, as readers, need our characters to be consistent all the time!

November sees the release of my Presents Extra, Royal Baby, Forbidden Marriage, which is set in the fictional Scandinavian country of Amarnes. I had great fun researching fjords and Danish food, and you can find some of that on my Extras page, as well as an excerpt and behind-the-scenes exclusives! Also, all month I’ll be posting excerpts on my blog, including the first sentence of each chapter! Every time I post an excerpt, leave a comment to automatically be entered in my contest for a free book from my backlist and everyone who comments over the course of the month will be entered into a final contest to win six gorgeous cupcakes from my favorite bakery, Crumbs. Please see my contest page for more details to win all these goodies!

Finally, there is a romantic short story on my writing page to enjoy!

As always, happy reading,

June 2009

First of all, I have to apologize for not updating my website in… well, too long. My excuse—or one of them, anyway—is that I’ve been busy writing books! And taking care of my 8 month old baby, Anna, and also trying to sleep… okay, so that is three excuses!

I have a lot going on this summer which I’m excited about. First, my novella Italian Boss, Housekeeper Mistress is out in the UK in June as part of An Italian Summer Anthology with Jackie Braun and Rebecca Winters. Then in July I have the UK and US release of my book in the International Billionaires series, The Sheikh’s Love-Child. Also in July, my book in The House of Karedes series, The Sheikh’s Forbidden Virgin, is out in the UK.

I’m also blogging quite a bit this summer… you can read about the behind-the-scenes story of Italian Boss, Housekeeper Mistress at and I’ll also be blogging about writing a shorter format at in early June. In July I’m writing about sheikh heroes and writing for a series at Lastly I’m co-sponsoring a contest with Presents author Sabrina Philips to win copies of our July sheikh books as well as some fun desert-themed jewellery and treats. Visit my contest page to check it out!

As always, I have a short story for your enjoyment, which can be found here. Enjoy!

Happy reading,

December 2008

This has been a busy autumn, full of changes and additions! Of course, the most noticeable addition has been the birth of my fourth child (and third daughter), Anna Dorothy, in October. Anna has brought great joy (and fatigue!) to our family. You’d be amazed at what the other children are willing to do to receive one of her drooly smiles!

Four months into our family’s move to New York City, we’re all adjusting tolerably well and even finding pleasant surprises about urban living—like being able to go to the pharmacy at eleven o’clock at night, or dial for Indian food delivery when you just don’t feel like making dinner. And of course Central Park… except when you get lost in the ramble with a screaming two week old… but that’s another story.

2009 starts with a bang writing-wise for me with the January UK release of The Greek Tycoon’s Reluctant Bride. In February The Italian’s Bought Bride will be released in the US, and in July my two sheikh books, The Sheikh’s Forbidden Virgin and The Sheikh’s Love-Child, come out simultaneously. Then there are releases in Spanish, in Holland, and in Germany!

I’ve finally updated my website so there are new details about my current books, including recipes, photos, and behind-the-scenes info. Plus I have a Christmas-themed short story on my Writing Stuff page. Enjoy!

Have a peaceful and joyous Advent season,

September 2008

First of all, I apologize for the summer’s silence on my website. Life has been incredibly busy this summer as we prepared to sell our house, find an apartment, and move to New York City.

We made the big move in the end of July and have been enjoying—and adjusting—to life in the city. Now that autumn is almost here and school is starting, I think we’re all looking forward to settling into a new routine.

I recently finished my seventh book, The Sheikh’s Love-Child, which has a rugby theme and is set in the fictional, rugged kingdom of Biryal. Details and excerpts for this book and my previous sheikh book, The Sheikh’s Forbidden Virgin, which is part of the Royal House of Karedes series, will be on my booklist page next month, when I have more information about release dates and covers!

Right now I’m working on a novella that will be part of a Mills & Boon Italian Summer anthology. It is set on the gorgeous Lake Como, and I hope to have details of this project on the booklist page soon as well.

Meanwhile my third book, Ruthles Boss, Hired Wife, was released in June and July this summer and made it onto the Top 10 of the Waldenbooks Bestseller List, which is always very exciting. My latest book, The Italian’s Bought Bride, is available in the UK right now—look for it on my booklist page.

Also this summer my serial, Down Jasper Lane, has been running in The People’s Friend in the UK, and will finish in September. It will also come out in novel form this spring. And if you live in Australia, look for a short story of mine, Say It With Flowers, in That’s Life! Fast Fiction Special.

Lastly, look for my bittersweet autumn-themed short story, Sweet Fortune, here on the Writing Stuff page.

As always, happy reading,


May 2008

Ah, spring! It’s here at last. The azaleas in our backyard are blooming, and we’ve enjoyed some wonderfully warm and sunny days, although right now it’s cold and rainy!

We’ve also been preparing for a big move to New York City. We’ll be relocating in August, and it will involve quite a lifestyle change from the comfortable suburbs of Connecticut.

Another big change is that I’m expecting our fourth child in October. So lots of exciting things to look forward to!

My sixth book, The Sheikh’s Forbidden Virgin, has just been accepted and I’m about to start on my seventh book, another sheikh story. I’ll be documenting the ups and downs of the creative process on my blog, so stop by often if you like to witness the messy behind-the-scenes process of creating a book.

I’m also running a contest with Modern Heat author Natalie Anderson to give away copies of my third book, Ruthless Boss, Hired Wife, as well as her latest book, Mistress By Arrangement. There will be more details on my contest page and blog.

My May short story, Blooming, is up—and celebrates new starts in love and in nature. Also, check out my book list page for details on my fifth book, The Greek Tycoon’s Reluctant Bride. There is behind-the-scenes information, as well as recipes and photos for you to enjoy.

Happy reading,


APRIL 2008

There are hints of spring around us now—buds on the trees, new shoots of grass, but alas it is still freezing weather.  At least the sun is shining!

This month is the North American release of my second book, The Greek Tycoon’s Convenient Bride. Romance Readers’ Connection says this about it: ‘Such a great book! Lukas is a perfect alpha male. I loved his charisma, his take-care attitude, and his tenderness. Rhiannon was also great with her insecurity and timid courage. The book read very well, and the attraction between the characters was palpable. A perfect read for the beach.’

Meanwhile you can read my April short story here, a story about marriage and temptation—and still a romance! I also have a short story in The People’s Friend coming out this month.

The last month has been a bit crazy with personal travel and plans to move, and that probably won’t let up anytime soon. But I’m still managing to find a little time to write, which is good as it keeps me sane.

I’m looking forward to warm spring days and attempting to make our garden look halfway or even a third decent, as I’m not the best gardener! But I love being outside—whether it’s gardening, teaching my six year old how to bike without training wheels, or just going for a walk. What are you looking forward to about spring—if it’s almost spring where you are?!


MARCH 2008

Winter is still holding us in its thrall, although today it is raining instead of snowing, which is surprisingly cheering! I’ve been hard at work on my sixth book, The Sheikh’s Forbidden Virgin, which is the fourth book in Harlequin Presents’ new continuity series, The Royal House of Karedes. It’s a great story and I’ve been so privileged to be the one to tell it!

March is the month of the UK release of my second book, The Greek Tycoon’s Convenient Bride, now available on Amazon and through You can visit my booklist page for details, behind the scenes, and an excerpt.

Sanjay was the winner of my March contest, but please keep checking back as I will be hosting another contest for my third book, Ruthless Boss, Hired Wife, due out in the UK in June.

Meanwhile you can check out my links and writing stuff page for the March short story which is a historical romance set in Depression-era rural Ontario, Canada. My parents were born in Ontario and we’ve had a summer cottage in the country [read backwoods!] since I was a child, so it was fun writing about it! It takes place during syruping season, which was also fun to write as my parents make maple syrup every year and I’ve helped them a time or two.

If you live in the UK, I have a short story Triangles in the Women’s Weekly Fiction Special this spring. It’s a bit different than what I usually write—not a romance! But it was a nice change of pace for me and I hope it will be for you.

Happy reading!



Greetings from freezing Connecticut! The temperature has dropped alarmingly in the last few days and we’re all huddled inside, going through hot chocolate mix and mini-marshmallows at an amazing rate.

The last month has been a bit of a whirlwind. Not only was it the release month for my first book, THE ITALIAN’S CHOSEN WIFE, but I’ve just completed revisions on my fifth book, THE REBELLIOUS BRIDE, to be released in the UK in January 2009. This book was very emotional to write as it deals with some rather sensitive topics. One of the things I love about writing Presents is the freedom to address topics and issues many other publishers would consider taboo. I’m about to start my sixth book, which will be part of Harlequin Presents’s new continuity series, The Royal House of Karedes. My book takes places in a fictional kingdom in Northern Africa, and has a wounded sheikh as its hero—it should be an exciting  challenge!

We had a tremendous response for our last contest, and Mona Hassan was the lucky winner. Now I’m running a new contest with fellow Presents author Abby Green to win copies of our books, THE GREEK TYCOON’S CONVENIENT BRIDE and BOUGHT FOR THE FRENCHMAN’S PLEASURE, as well as some delicious, authentic baklava, shipped directly to you from a gourmet supplier.

I also have a new short story Hearts and Roses up for this month, just in time for Valentine’s Day! It’s about what can happen, if, like the heroine, you happen to hate Valentine’s Day…

As always, happy reading!



Welcome to 2008! The tree is gone, the ornaments put away, and now four more months of winter here in Connecticut stretch endlessly ahead. But I don’t actually mind... I’m still in the mood for snow days, hot chocolate, and roaring fires. Come mid-February I might feel a little differently...

Still, there are lots of exciting things in the works for January. First of all, many thanks to those who entered my contest co-sponsored with the fabulous authors mentioned in December’s newsletter. We’ll be drawing our prizewinner on January 15, so stay tuned.

I’m blogging all over the web in January; January 7-14 you can find me at Jane Porter’s site, and also on the 14th on Lucy Monroe’s blog. I’ll also be discussing the appeal of international men at The Pink Heart Society on January 17th. 

And to celebrate the release of my first book, The Italian’s Chosen Wife, in the US, as well as the hardcover release of my second book, The Greek Tycoon’s Convenient Bride, I’ll be arranging another contest with both books as prizes, as well as some authentic, gourmet Greek baklava from—baklava features in a rather interesting way in The Greek Tycoon’s Convenient Bride! To enter, check out my contest page or my blog in mid-January; details will be forthcoming!

And finally, as always, there is a short story for your reading pleasure, and this one happens to be one of my favorites. It’s called The Locket, and it’s all about what happens when a woman on the brink of divorce opens an envelope and finds inside a tarnished locket that turns her world upside down… and right side up again. It was published in That’s Life Fast Fiction in Australia a few years ago, and I hope you enjoy it.

Happy reading,


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