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  Intense, International RomanceKate Hewitt Romance Author  

The Italian’s Chosen Wife

What reviewers are saying:

With an underlying sadness throughout, The Italian's Chosen Wife has a dark and mysterious tone as readers anticipate all the secrets bursting out, but Kate Hewitt ends on just the right note.

--Romantic Times, January 2008

I actually could not put this book down... Meghan’s past clearly explains her current behavior just as Alessandro must overcome his guilt and pain at his perceived role in his brother’s death. Can these two find love in that process? The answer unfolds in this lovely romance novel.

--Romance Readers Connection

The Italian’s Chosen Wife by Kate Hewitt blends elements of the best of romantic storytelling… the ending was perfect but be warned: a box of tissues is a necessity, as this is one story that pulls at the heart.

--Romance Reader at Heart, 4 roses

The Italian’s Chosen Wife is a lovely way to while away an afternoon, but be prepared to have the tissues handy as Alessandro and Meghan’s love affair is a rocky journey to happily ever after.

--Cataromance, 4 stars

What readers are saying:

One of the best stories I have read… it kept me so involved to a point I was feeling the pain and anguish Meghan was going through and I couldn't stop reading because I just wanted to find out what was his secret.  I love Meghan's character because when you love someone as deep as that you can never walk away that easily and you fight for what or who you believe in. 


I can't put into words how much I loved this book… the characters of Meghan and Alessandro were so well written that I completely fell in love with them.  I especially love how Meghan was written.  Most times when I read romance novels I am always saying to myself "why didn't she say this or why didn't she do that" but that didn't happen once when I read this. I know that she had to go through a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance but she
 always stuck to her guns and she fought for her man even when he made it
 nearly impossible. Their story captivated me to the very last page.

 Definitely going on my "Keeper Shelf" with my other faves. 


First let me say that couldn't put this book down and when I had to...I rushed back to it ASAP. The main characters Alessandro and Meghan both had multiple layers to their characters. Both shared and inner strength and the "ability" to "love" that had either be bruised or totally cut down by tragedy in their lives… I like how the author lets these two meet in a most unusual place, that is the beginning setting for their emotional journey together that uncovers, examines and finally heals these two wounded and broken hearts.

-- Capri

Just to let you know I just finished your book, The Italian's Chosen Wife, and I totally enjoyed it. I was able to hear the slight accent in Alessandro's voice and the terror in Meghan's.  All in all - I give it two thumbs up!!!  Thanks so much for taking me away from my mundane life, if just for a few short hours.


January 2008