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  Intense, International RomanceKate Hewitt Romance Author  

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: Beneath the Veil of Paradise


Beneath the Veil of ParadiseMillie Lang and Chase Bryant meet by chance on an island resort. She’s on a mandatory vacation, and he’s got his own reasons for being at his family’s hotel. After feeling sparks of attraction, they embark on a one-week affair. Neither expects or believes in forever, and they’re both hiding secrets, tragedies and regrets. But what they find in each other’s arms is almost magic — so long as their fears don’t interfere. Hewitt’s incredible tale features profoundly complex characters whose emotional baggage almost keeps them apart.

--RTBook Reviews

I like the way in which Hewitt is able to convey the strengths and vulnerabilities of both characters, while still remaining true to the Presents traditions of a strong, though vulnerable, heroine and an alpha male hero who still possesses a sensitive side. She also provides Millie and Chase with convincing back stories for the obstacles they must seek to overcome; they’re not the usual clichés of a lot of romances.  Millie’s and Chase’s histories are revealed gradually to the reader in much the same way that they reveal themselves gradually to one another — all while the (hot) sexual energy and emotional connection between them grow. Kind of makes you want to book a flight ASAP to a tropical locale in search of what Millie and Chase find!

--Harlequin Junkie Blog

Ah, I love finding books that I just soak right in within a day, that leave me loving them and satisfied. Beneath The Veil of Paradise just happens to be one of those reads.

--Lily Pond Reads

January 2008