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WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: The Husband She Never Knew


The Husband She Never Knew, Kate Hewitt's latest, certainly contains elements of [a fairy tale], but there is a deep, angsty core to the book that makes it stand out. Unlike many of my favorite fairytale HP romances, this book packs a solid emotional punch along with the fantasy.

--All About Romance

The Husband She Never KnewThe hero of this book made me ache; everything about him is so gut-wrenchingly sad and he had done things that should make him unforgivable yet I was able too as Kate Hewitt takes us on his journey of redemption. He is the most flawed hero I think I have ever read, and it works.

The hero and heroine are perfect together, they so desperately wanted and needed to be with one another. There is no doubt these are two very damaged characters who had to fight their demons and actually work at being together. 

The story is sad, powerful and emotional. It's different and more slow boiling than a lot of other books, it's not easy to read but that makes it even more gratifying. 

Kate Hewitt pens wonderfully emotional books that touch you deep down.

--Every Day is the Same Blog

Hewitt’s excellent second-chance romance will thrill readers with its angst-filled dialogue, incredible characters and exquisite love scenes.

--RTBook Reviews

I really, really loved Kate Hewitt's latest book. She takes a truly terrible marriage, with a truly wicked hero and leads us step by step through his process of repentance and redemption. There are no easy outs for him. He has to face what he has done and do his best to set things right. He's a hard man to love, and the happy ending acknowledges that it's still not always going to be easy. Gritty, soul-baring, breathtaking romance.

--Ros Clarke, Author and Reviewer


January 2008