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WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: An Inheritance of Shame


An Inheritance of ShameThe characters of Angelo and Lucia were both wonderful. I loved that he author let Lucia be the stronger one, and totally adored that she was not the normal kind of heroine that keeps her feelings to herself, no ladies this one says what she feels and thinks straight from the start, as these books usually give you the characters holding back their feelings till the end which makes it very predictable. So I really loved that touch!

Angelo was hero of the the truly tormented kind, I felt really sorry for him being shunned by his family and especially by his own mother. But I really loved that he worked his way up to the top when everyone thought he would fail and become nothing. Instead he become the man Lucia know he is deep inside.

The backdrop settings were fantastic, the beauty of Paris showed the love between Angelo and Lucia, and the thrilling backdrop of Sicily let the restless of Angelo's soul really shine through.

The dialogue was one of wonder and pure romance as the author's words really let the level of love Lucia feels for Angelo jump out at me as reader and they are words that will stay with me for a long time.

I highly recommend this read for fans of lovers reunited romance.

--Contemporary Romance Reviews


January 2008